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LUCID: VIP Label Launch

Daveed, Dewy McGill, Six-O, Shortcut, Astrojunk, Pluto, 20HZ, Apex, Synctonix, Schloppy Joe & Moorziey

Saturday 05 December 2015 (opening 7:00 PM) – Dewy McGill comes on at 10.50pm. Tickets available at the door.

The Game Sports Bar
90 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge



Debut Album

Yogmatic is Dewy McGill’s debut album, featuring production from some of the world’s most respected independent producers.

Dewy takes you on a flight through consciousness using introspective lyrics, intense flow and clever wordplay. If life has a lesson to be learnt, Dewy is the Yogi and the beat is his mat.


  1. Intro (prod. Royal Beatz)
  2. Miles Above (Say Yeah!) (prod. Diamond Style)
  3. On Your Way (Feat. Daveed) (prod. Diamond Style)
  4. Steady Stream of Consciousness (prod. Diamond Style)
  5. Reason To Live (prod. 4Klassix)
  6. It Never Ends (prod. Daveed)
  7. Whatever It Takes (Feat. Kelly-Jo & Daveed) (prod. Diamond Style)
  8. My Girl (prod. Sinima)
  9. These Playas (feat. Kelly-Jo) (prod. 4Klassix)
  10. Life’s A Trip (prod. Sinima)
  11. Kill ‘Em With Kindness (Bonus Track)

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